When I Was a Fair Maid
From Fog & Fire, 2008 Traditional.

When I was a fair maid the age of sweet 16
I enlisted in the army for to serve the King.
I enlisted in the army, a soldier for to be
and they learnt me to play upon the rub-a-dubba-dee.

(Chorus) The rub-a-dubba-dee, the rub-a-dub-ba-dee,
and they learnt me to play upon the rub-a-dubba-dee.

With my nice cap and my feathers if only you could see,
you'd have sworn in your very heart a young man I had been.
With my gentle waist so slender and my fingers long and small,
I could rattle up the rub-a-dubba-dee the best of them all.

With my regiment at the front all the time I might have been
with the brave duke of your at the siege of Valencienne.
But favored by my officer for fear I might be slain,
I was sent home to England for recruiting back again.

Many is the night in the guard room I have lain.
I never was afraid to lie down with the men.
And pulling off me breeches I often gave a smile.
To think I slept with a regiment a maiden all the while!

Well it might never have know until this very hour
but they sent me up to London to keep sentry on the tower.
There a lady fell in love with me, and I told I was a maid,
and she went unto my officer. My secret she betrayed!

My officer he came to me and asked if this was true.
I told him that it was, what else could I do?
I told him that it was and he smiled at me and said:
"It's a pity for to lose you, such a drummer as you made!"

But for your valiant conduct at the Siege of Valencienne,
a bounty you will get me girl a bounty from the King.
And should the wars arise again and the King be wanting men,
I'll put on me regimentals and i'll fight for him again!

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