Welcome to the Brigands' Folie lyric sheet area. We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do!

All recorded music that you find on our websites, various online services, and on recorded media is protected by copyrights owned by Brigands' Folie. That does not mean that you can't perform our songs, however! While radio and internet airplay is subject to licensing fees, we allow any musician (no matter how great or humble) to perform our music live. All we ask is that you give us credit when you play one of our original songs or arrangements by saying that it's "by Brigands' Folie".

You will need to get our written permission and pay us the industry standard royalties rate if you ever decide to record one of our songs. (The royalties rate is established by the U. S. Copyright Office and is 9.1c per song as of 2008). Just contact us and we'll help you with the details if you want to record yourself covering one of our songs.

Oh, also note that all printed material and artwork found on our website and our CDs is copyrighted as well. Unauthorized distribution or reproduction for any purpose other than personal reference is prohibited, but you can definitely print these lyrics in order to learn the songs.

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