A talented guitarist and vocalist, Karen has a connection with the words and the deeper meanings of the songs she sings. She is drawn to early music of Scotland, Ireland, and England by the messages threaded through the tunes. Preserving the tradition of teaching history through song is her goal. Having done historic re-enactment in the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries for more than 15 years, she has a broad background and extensive repertoire of songs of life, love, war, and celebration.

Upon co-founding Brigandsí Folie, Karen directed her efforts toward studying the music of the people that gathered on this foreign shore for the conception, birth, and infancy of America.
Brigands' Folie
A classically trained pianist from the age of seven, Jake (Lt. "Lith" of the Great Lakes River Pirates) was soon led to the musical dark side (percussion) by the powers that be. Experience in jazz, classical, and contemporary music coupled with a fascination for the 18th Century and his Scotch-Irish ancestry kindled a passion for music of the era. When Karenís broad-ranging knowledge of the genre provided the necessary spark, Jake turned his experience with drums from various cultures toward crafting and playing the bodhran.

After co-founding Brigandsí Folie, Jake took up the guitar in hopes of expanding his repertoire, and soon his musical background and guitar training exposed an aptitude for mandolin.
  Jake's bodhrans Letterboxing Clue

Here's what our Fans are saying about Fog & Fire

"Fantastic stuff you two are doing. I enjoyed getting the feel of your Spancil Hill and really like 'Fog and Fire' song too."
- Ciara Considine, London

"I love your music and forced an inmate to listen to it last night during a transport. She even liked it!"
- Rich F, IN

"This is an excellent CD.Bought it at Bloody Lake and listen to it alot."
- Mitch A, WI

"I am by no means an expert, but I am a fan of traditional folk/celtic music. I must say that this is the most entertaining cd I have heard in ages!! It captures the feel of traditional folk music with a slightly modern flair. Mr Weller and Ms. Garland have really put their hearts into this effort and it shows. I put this cd in the player, started listening and have enojyed it so much that it has yet to leave the player!!!"
- David A, TX

"I've been privileged to hear most of these songs live & to hear a few of the rough cuts for the final CD. I think music lovers, especially fans of sailing songs & historic tunes are going to be very impressed. Jake & Karen are a fantastic musical duo. This CD is a definite 'must add' to any well rounded collection."
- Chole B, WI

"Great CD! Absolutely love it and still have to find people who don't."
- Michael K, Germany

"We just listened to all 6 of those new songs, and several of the others, and were excited about them! Well done! Again!"
- Bill W, MI

"Suzie goes to sleep to your Cd at least 3 time a week. :) Usually out by the 3rd song. THANKS!!!!"
- Sharon K, MN

"I got the CD last night after the fireworks and listened to it all the way home. I like it. I think my favorites are the ones you wrote--Fire and Fog and Full Circle."
- Tammy S, WI

"I got the CD...it is better than anticipated! Nice work guys!"
- Pete R., OH

"We just listened to the entire CD... and we loved it! My favorite is Full Circle along with the instrumental [The Skylark Set]."
- Lisa E, MI

"The CD did arrive, and my daughter and I have been listening to frequently. We really enjoy it. ... Your originals are great! Especially Fairie Thorne and Captain's Boat...."
- Rebecca C, AZ

"Very cool music on the ReverbNation site. It's nice to see people that participated in the music program at MTU continuing with music in some fashion. Your music is interesting, I really like it!"
- Dan K, WI

"Love the song [Captain's Boat]. Really well done."
- Capn M, MI

"I love this album. It has great classic songs and some fantastically arranged originals. A pure treat."
- Darin W, MI

"I was familiar with several of the songs and I thought your rendition was great. Claire and I danced along to them. Patrick listened when he got home and liked it too!"
- Kristie R, MI